The Theory of Games (CD) – Robert Aumann Band

With the pandemic in full force and most music venues closed, it seemed a good time to head to the studio and start a new album.

This album is bitter sweet for me. My wife, Liz, thought it would be fun to pair up with the Nobel Prize winner of the same name, thus the title The Theory of Games.

On a sad note, Liz passed away unexpectedly before the album was finished. So, we included a few of the songs she liked. I think we have a great collection of songs for you. I hope you enjoy this album.

In memory, Elizabeth S. Aumann.


The band

Robert Aumann – vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, harmonica

Rick Hayes – vocals, lead guitar, mandolin, bass, drums

Bob Kennedy – keyboards

Hillary Crippen – vocals

Tim Couch – fiddle  

Maria Carrelli – vocals on Whitehouse Road

Find the Spirit (CD) - Robert Aumann Band

Find the Spirit - In certain cultures, a spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies.

‘Mine is known as the red-tailed hawk; he’s a bird of prey.

His piercing eyes take in the view and guides me on my way.

I sense your presence as we draw near, on a fence, sky or tree.

I know you are my kindred spirit; like a brother you are to me. ‘

  • The Hawk (song lyrics)


The Band-

Robert Aumann - vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica

Rick Hayes- lead guitar, mandolin, bass, drums and vocals

Bob Kennedy – keyboards

Deb Ohlinger – vocals

Steve Hogsed – vocals

Ashley Rajczak  - vocals

Fran Tesorero – vocals  

Love & Memories (CD) - Robert Aumann Band

When we started to pull together songs for this album we realized the first couple songs we wanted to record were love songs written by others. Then we found a couple songs that brought back fond memories for us.  And, while we write and record original songs, there are a lot of great songs that have been part of our lives. That is when we got the idea for Love & Memories.

As we bring an end to the hard work of creating this CD we realized that there are some family members that have brought us ‘Love & Memories’ who are no longer around to enjoy our music. We would like to mention them here- Kay and Wally Aumann, Mel and Mary Stauffer and Green Hayes.

We hope these songs will create fond memories for you.  

The band

Robert Aumann – Vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica

Rick Hayes – lead guitar mandolin, bass, drums

Bob Kennedy – keyboards

Maria Carrelli – vocals

Steve Hogsed- vocals

Deb Ohlinger- vocals

Lucy Teller - vocals

Jeff Gaither-vocals (not Jeff Bullock as stated in the liner notes - Sorry Jeff!)

Patchwork - the fabric of life (CD) - Robert Aumann Band 

 Life is truly like a patchwork quilt. It is made of all these random pieces collected from our daily life that are meticulously fitted together to create a single useful item. The final object, the quilt, a thing of beauty, warmth and comfort, is unquestionably more than the sum of all those pieces. 
These songs are the random pieces– The sunny days and rainy days; the heartbreaks and the love stories. There are the moments and the memories; the people who our pass through life and leave their footprint on our soul – they are the fabric of life.

The band:

Robert Aumann - Vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Rick Hayes - Lead guitar, mandolin, bass, drums
Bob Kennedy - Keyboards 

Matt Aumann - Lead guitar on Cactus Jack 
Maria Carrelli - Vocals
Steve Hogsed - Vocals
Irl Hees - Button box concertina

Quiet Edge of Town (CD) - Robert Aumann Band

When Rick (Hayes) and I first discussed this CD I envisioned a “folksy” acoustic album. Rick had a vision of much more than a couple guitars and mandolin. So we added the rest of the band and we just kept going. I believe we brought together some great talent and created memorable music.

The band:

Robert Aumann – Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Harmonica
Rick Hayes – Lead guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Drums
Courtney Reeves – Vocals
Bob Kennedy – Keyboards
Jim Aumann – Additional Harmony